Custom Brand Printed Ribbon/Satin Label

Printed labels refer to the printing of pictures or text on fabrics, including ribbons, cotton, non-woven fabrics, threaded belts, etc. The printing methods mainly include silk screen printing, offset printing and sealing printing. The finished products are delicate in effect, rich in color and widely used.
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ITEM: Custom Brand Printed Ribbon/Satin Label

The printed label is relative to the woven label, including the care label, the size label and the main brand label. At present, more and more garment factories have made brand labels into printing methods, including ribbon, cotton , webbing, satin and so on. Thus, these main labels are also called printed labels.

There are two kinds of materials commonly used in the printed labels, one is ribbon, the other is non-woven, the ribbon is relatively expensive, and the non-woven fabric is cheaper. Main brand labels are generally made of ribbon or cotton. 

There are also many printing processes for labels, mainly including offset printing and silk screen printing. Which process is used depends on the different materials and printing content and printing requirements. Relatively speaking, the screen printing is more expensive than the offset printing, and the screen printing ink layer has strong covering power, and can be printed on pure black material with pure white color.


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