Clothing Embroidery Felt Cloth Paste Embroidery Patch

The embroidery patch is similar to the woven label, and the difference is that it is made by embroidery yarn (polyester, cotton yarn, rayon), and the woven fabric label is woven. Embroidery has a three-dimensional effect, and the surface feels strong and concave. Because the line color works continuously, its patterns (letters) of the same color are connected.
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ITEM: Clothing embroidery chapter Cloth paste Embroidery patch

Embroidery cloth patch may be used for the repair of holes in clothes in most people's minds. In fact, the role of embroidery cloth felt is now to decorate clothing and become a place for clothing to attract attention. The fun pattern of embroidered cloth has risen in this season's trendy heat, especially for designer bags and clothing.

Different from traditional woven label, the embroidery patch is easier to match with the clothing. Based on the traditional embroidery, the MOQ, the speed of the complex production process, the high price, and the single improvement of the clothing processing, it is easier to be close to the company's clothing LOGO, clothing trademark and so on. Can be directly used in household irons on jerseys, ball pants, hats and other supplies; or you can choose sticky, tear off the bottom paper can be directly pasted; or you can use Velcro, hanging on clothes; or you can use the sewing machine to sew directly onto the fabric, which is convenient and practical.

Embroidery chapters are divided into non-adhesive embroidery patch and adhesive embroidery patch. On the basis of the traditional computer embroidery method, the embroidery is cut or cut into embroidery pieces. On the back side, the composite hot-melt adhesive is completed, and the adhesive embroidery chapter is completed.

                                                    Embroidery patch
Bottom materialAll kinds of fabrics, twill, plain cloth, TC cloth, felt cloth, leather, washing paper, etc.
Thread100% polyester
Size/ColorOn-demand custom, free design


Flat embroidery, full bottom embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, edge embroidery, towel, patch, sequin, chain, toothbrush, flocking embroidery, etc.


Step 1: Place the cloth flat on the side you want to stick, the side with the hot melt adhesive on the side of the cloth, preheat the iron, and iron the front side of the cloth for 10-20 seconds to fix the position of the cloth.

Step 2: Reverse the fixed position of the cloth with clothes (or other textiles), the temperature of the ironing bucket is controlled at 150-170 ℃, and the ironing is performed for 10-15 seconds from the reverse side.

Embroidered cloth stickers can be firmly attached to clothing (or other textiles).

Step 3: Finally, iron it from the front for 1-2 minutes, iron the edges and corners of the cloth to make it smooth and flat, and fit perfectly with the clothes (or other textiles).

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