Custom UV Printing Hang Tag

Custom UV Printing Hang Tag
Brand refers to the name of a product and its logo, usually composed of a combination of logo, symbol, pattern, text and color. Although the tag has a brand advertising effect. Often in high-end brands, the design and use of tags is relatively important.
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ITEM:  Custom UV Printing Hang Tag

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UV printing is a printing process that has gradually emerged in recent years. It is dried by ultraviolet light to cure the ink containing photosensitizer on the surface of the printed matter, thus forming a layer of light and artistic effect on the surface of the printed matter; It is flexible and can better highlight the subtle level and graphic outline of the graphic part.

After UV printing, the printed matter has bright color and high saturation; the printed surface has smooth surface effect, good texture, high brightness and high smoothness; strong adhesion, safe packaging, excellent friction resistance and folding resistance.

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1. It can make the printed matter look three-dimensional and smooth, which can greatly enhance the visual beauty of the printed matter.

2. Increase the brightness of the printed matter and protect the surface of the printed matter, so that the printed matter is resistant to corrosion, friction and scratches.

3. Compared with the traditional four-color process printing, the amount of UV printing ink is less wasted.

4. Some laminating prints are changed to UV process, which can improve the safety factor of printed matter and make it meet environmental protection requirements.

5, the process can recognize a wide range of materials, in addition to ordinary printed paper, plastic film, aluminum foil composite paper, cellophane can be applied.

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