Gold/Silver/Black Hot Foil Hang Tag

Brand refers to the name of a product and its logo, usually composed of a combination of logo, symbol, pattern, text and color. Although the tag has a brand advertising effect. Often in high-end brands, the design and use of tags is relatively important.
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ITEM: Gold/Silver/Black Hot Foil Hang Tag

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With the rapid development of printing industry, people's packaging requirements for products are getting higher and higher. In order to make breakthroughs in packaging and attract customers and friends'desire to buy, packaging products should have high-end, exquisite, environmentally friendly and personalized characteristics. In the surface treatment process of packaging products, hot stamping process is popular because of its unique surface finishing effect. Therefore, the hot foil process occupies a unique position in the production of hanging tags.

Gold stamping process is a special printing process without ink. The so-called gold stamping refers to the process of stamping electrolytic aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate at a certain temperature and pressure. Gold stamping has the characteristics of clear pattern, beautiful appearance, bright color and wear resistance. By hot stamping, the surface of the hanging tag can produce metal luster pictures and texts, so that the appearance of the product appears gorgeous and colorful.

In addition to the common metallic luster of gold, silver, black and red, there are also many colorful colors and patterns, and special editions can be customized according to specific requirements.

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                                                     Gold/Silver/Black Hot Foil Hang Tag

kraft paper, white/black card papercoated art papar, special paper .etc


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Pantone color, CMYK

Surface finished

gold/silver/black hot foil/stamping


1000pcsThe more the quantity, the lower the price


Cotton strings, hemp strings, Any color eyelet, Safety pin. etc

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