Paper Tag With Eyelet

Brand refers to the name of a product and its logo, usually composed of a combination of logo, symbol, pattern, text and color. Although the tag has a brand advertising effect. Often in high-end brands, the design and use of tags is relatively important.
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Item: Paper Tag With Eyelet

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The eyelet is the post-processing step of the tag. The general practice is to drill a small hole in the tag and then staple it together with iron or copper at the edge of the hole. The shape that is made is like the eyes of a chicken, so it is named.

So do paper tag customization require eyelets? Some bosses who have just been involved in the clothing industry may not have considered this point, or they do not know that there is a process of making corns, so they are all custom-made size-fits-ordinary hangtags. In fact, this process of eyelets can play a big role inadvertently. Through this inconspicuous little embellishment, the thin gap of the card can be full and thick, and the consumer feels that the grade of the clothes has improved. The hole in the tag that does not make the corns looks rough, but it is neat and decent. Of course, considering the budget is small, this process can also be omitted, because the corns are also costly.

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                                                       Paper Tag With Eyelet
Coated paper, Black/white card paper, Kraft paper, Duplex paper, Offset paper, Special paper .etc
SizeAs per customer's request
Color PrintingPantone color, CMYK
Hot StampingChoose Logo foil stamping in black/gold/silver/white/pink and other color 
Cotton strings, hemp strings, Any color eyelet, Safety pin.
Small order of tag is acceptable, but the price is affected by quantity directly.
ApplicationClothing, garments, jeans, gift, price tag, hair extensive, wig ect.

Please send products request with quantity which you need, then we can offer an exact quotation!

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