Printed Header Card

Printed Header Card
Printed header card uses for packaging of your product. It’s folded then with a hole at the middle of the top. Convince to hang your product on the shelf. Customized your own header card for your products! Used on crafts, gifts, air freshener, socks, toys and so on!
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header card

Printed Header Card

The printed header card is mainly used for the packaging of the product, usually using a folding process to turn the card into a folding card. The head card can be printed in CMYK colors or pantone colors, can be printed into the design with your company LOGO you want. So that customers can clearly see the advantages of your products and the instructions. After folding the head card, it is often die-cut a hole in the middle of the top, to make it easy for you to hang your product on the shelf. If you need, we can also provide supporting plastic bags to package your products. The header card is a very popular way of packaging nowadays.  Not only is the printing exquisite, high quality and low price, it is a great choice!

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