Spot UV Hang Tag

Spot UV Hang Tag
Spot Varnish Hang Tag, a way to highlight and define the logo, text, or image by giving the area depth and gloss finish. We provide a variety of customized options and sizes that best fits your needs, such as clothing tags, gift, jewelry, hairs, wigs and more!
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Sopt UV tag

 Spot UV Hang Tag

Logo making spot UV effect, a way to highlight your product or business. Leave a lasting impression with our Spot UV hang tag. With a custom hang tag, you can include a tagline, logo, website, social media icons, contact information and so much more. Usually use black card paper, not color printing, just make a varnish of the LOGO, so that have glossy effect. Spot varnish cost a bit more, but definitely worth the price if you want to elevate the look and feel of your brand's hang tag.

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