Custom Plastic Transparent Swing Tag

Brand refers to the name of a product and its logo, usually composed of a combination of logo, symbol, pattern, text and color. Although the tag has a brand advertising effect. Often in high-end brands, the design and use of tags is relatively important.
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Item: Custom Plastic Transparent Swing Tag

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The materials used for the tag are mostly paper, but also plastic, metal, and cloth.

The plastic is light in weight, does not rust, has good impact resistance, and has good transparency and wear resistance. As a kind of production material of the tag, it has its unique advantages: waterproof, oil-proof, not easy to damage, light weight and convenient transportation.

There are mainly the following categories:

PVC-materials are commonly used transparent packaging materials and are relatively inexpensive. The EU has limited application of PVC.

PET-materials are environmentally friendly materials, the best alternative to PVC, transparency, gloss and other aspects of superior performance. However, the heat resistance is relatively poor.

PP-materials are relatively soft and relatively poor in transparency, but have the best heat resistance and can reach 125 degrees without deformation.

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                                                      Custom Plastic Transparent Swing Tag
MaterialPP, PVC, PET, etc. (milk, transparent, frosted, twill, etc.)
SizeAs per customer's request
Color PrintingPantone color, CMYK
Surface finishedlaminating, stamping, beer shaped, bonding, heat sealing, folding, flexible line, composite, matte, twill and so on.
AdvantagePP, PET, APET materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, except for PVC.
MOQ1000pcs, The more the quantity, the lower the price
AdditionCotton strings, hemp strings, wax string, Any color eyelet, Safety pin.

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