Self-adhesive Labeling Application Field

1. Daily industry
The product has a higher value-added products, many brands, so fierce competition in the market, to be in the fierce competition to stand out in the bright spots, then product packaging is one of them, and labeling as an important factor plays a vital role in the daily-use industry has been very widely used.
2. Pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical industry to paste or apply in the pharmaceutical packaging, we all know that the drug packaging on the product description of the label, no label of the drug we neither know what is not to use, with the pharmaceutical industry to the requirements of the label to become high, whether it is sanitary or aesthetic nature have certain requirements, and Self-adhesive label to meet the health standards of the premise, can be very good for drug packaging needs.
3. Electronics industry
Electronic industry to the sudden trend throughout the lives of people every inch of the place, become an essential commodity in our lives, self-adhesive stickers of the application of nature is extensive.
4. Anti-counterfeiting Industry
Self-adhesive stickers have the characteristics of the application in the anti-counterfeiting industry, the sticker as a bearer of anti-counterfeiting information, so that its wide range of applications, personalized information stickers have a broad prospect.

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