Tag printing basic elements How much do you know?

1. Paper gram number: Usually the label tag is divided into 250g,300g two kinds of common paper thickness.

2. Tag round hole: When the label printing is usually large or poor quality, often affect the effect of printing is the main factor. Usually divided into round hole, rectangular hole, special hole three kinds of, which round hole is divided into regular round hole namely: diameter 3.5 round hole, custom diameter round hole, (hole diameter size should be matched with label tag of main card). Rectangular box is divided into: square hole, rectangular hole, special-shaped hole: tag hole size shape for unconventional many changes in shape, usually needs to be specially tailored to the shape of the cutter.

3. Hanging card hole Distance: refers to the tag hole to the top of the tag spacing size. Divided into conventional hole distance (i.e.: 3.5mm high porosity distance), custom hole distances, by the customer according to the actual need to determine the hole distance, pay attention to the right angle tag can freely define the hole distance, rounded-angle tag usually fixed hole distance, and the default is 3.5mm.

4. Tag corner: Can be divided into round angle, right angle, special angle three kinds.

5. Tag tearing line: tag when printing the tag tearing line is the distance from the bottom of the tag more near the position of the tooth line, the role for easy separation. The tooth line height can be adjusted according to the need. No special requirements.

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