The advantages of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting labels

1, product Image: With self-adhesive security label products to reassure consumers;
2, Product grade: Have self-adhesive security label products Consumers are feeling is authentic;
3, to promote sales: the same products, consumers will choose to paste self-adhesive label products;
4, Intangible publicity: Customer inquiries will be prompted for XX company's authentic, the product through XX certification;
5, inexpensive: self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label Price is very low, save enterprise operating costs;
6, self-adhesive security labels can give products to do a lot of value-added services, such as anti-channeling goods, membership points, award-winning promotions and so on;
7, self-adhesive security labels in the product sales played a finishing touch, because only good products are people to counterfeit, regardless of your product is expensive, it is recommended to stick on a self-adhesive security label.