A Common Type Of Sticker: Coated Paper Stickers!

The application of self-adhesive labels is quite extensive. The scope of use is divided into: electronic scale paper, barcode printing labels, roll coated paper labels, environmental labels, logistics labels, food labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. Also called stickers trademark printing.

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Today, we will give you a brief introduction to the coated paper label: Coated paper label is a common label material in adhesive labels. It can be used as a flat sheet, and it can also be used as a roll, with flexible printing methods. It is loved by sticker manufacturers.

In addition, coated paper labels are often used by bar code printers to print labels. The 80gsm coated paper is generally used. This weightless sticker is moderately thick and has a good printing effect. It is easily selected by the printer.

Usually coated paper labels are divided into ordinary coated paper stickers and mirror coated paper stickers, the following are two types of coated paper stickers do some introduction, give everyone some suggestions on the use of:

First, the characteristics of ordinary coated paper stickers are semi-high gloss white coating composite coated paper, gram weight is 80gsm/㎡, face material thickness is about 7 silk, and the overall thickness of the label is 15 silk. The ambient temperature used is -50 degrees to +90 degrees, and the labeled ambient temperature is +7 degrees. Scope of application: Widely used in food and beverage, cosmetics, alcohol labels, medicines and health products, supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production lines, suitable for promotional and industrial semi-high light color printing. Typical uses include cosmetics labels, drug labels, and food industry labels. It can be applied to the flat surfaces and simple surfaces of most substrates, including cardboard and plastic films.

Second, the characteristics of mirror coated paper stickers: surface polished polished white bright coated paper, coated paper weight of 80 grams / square meter, the overall thickness of the label 165 Fan, the use of ambient temperature -50 degrees to + 90 degrees, the labeling of the ambient temperature is controlled at +7 degrees as well. Range of use: Widely used for high-gloss color label printing, special uses such as cosmetics labels, high-grade labels for medicines and health products, imported food and beverage labels and promotional labels, carton stickers, shipping labels, and certification labels. Can be attached to most glass, plastic, film flat or simple surface, including cardboard, plastic film and PET packaging.