Basic Knowledge Of Self-adhesive Label Printing

Self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, timely stickers, instant stickers, such as paper, film or special materials for the fabric, the back coated with adhesives (ie glue), to apply silicon protection paper as a substrate of a composite material, and after printing, die-cutting and so on to become finished product label, when applied to remove the base paper just a press, Can be affixed to a variety of substrate surface, you can also use the labeling machine in the production line automatic labeling.

Compared with the traditional label, self-adhesive labels do not need to brush gum, do not paste, do not dip water, no pollution, can save the labeling time, convenient and quick application in a variety of products, goods, using different fabrics, adhesives and substrates can be processed into various types of labels, applied in general paper labels can not be competent materials, It can be said that Self-adhesive label is a universal label.