China Printing Industry Development Technology Roadmap Will Be Published

July 2, China Printing and Equipment Industry Association Chairman (expanded) will be held in Nanjing. The meeting revealed that officially launched in April 2014, "China's printing industry development Technology Roadmap" preparation work will usher in an exciting moment-this collection of 105 senior experts, after hundreds of industry chain of the in-depth panel research, industry chain backbone Enterprises widely involved in the masterpiece, its book work will be completed in August, The manuscript will be officially published this November.

The preparation of road map is a systematic project which summarizes the development course of "lead and fire, light and electricity, number and net" from the strategic level, actively studies the development trend of printing industry, explores the way out and puts forward corresponding measures and policy suggestions. In the different stages of the transformation and development of the printing industry, the Chinese Press Association has put forward the policy and programmatic documents which have a significant impact on the development of the industry, such as the 16-word guideline and the 28-word guideline, which directs the development direction of the industry.

At present, the road map has provided technical support for "Thirteen-Five" planning. In order to carry on the discourse right of the national printing industry policy, the preparation of road map serves the transformation and upgrade of the printing industry, and puts forward the goal of "developing high-end and upgrading the national brand", and expounds the development trend of the printing industry in detail. Clear the industry demand, put forward a series of important strategic measures.