Depth Interpretation Of The Swing Tags Of Clothing Accessories

The clothing tag is as essential as a person's name. It is the identity card of the clothing brand. Every customer will see a sign hanging on the clothes when they buy clothes. Clothing tag has different types according to different needs, including back pocket card, elevator card, waist card, elastic card, pants card, barcode card, certificate card, after-sales service card, etc. The contents of the tag: the front of the tag is generally Brand logo, slogan, clothing description and other content, the reverse side generally has certificate, washing instructions, after-sales service, barcode and other content.


The material of the clothing tag: Under normal circumstances, from the texture point of view, the production materials of the clothing tag are mostly paper, and now various new materials are emerging one after another, and more and more materials are used on the tag. Plastic film, leather, cloth, wood, anti-counterfeiting materials, metal, etc. can be used for the tag!

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The process of clothing tag: After the tag printing, it often does some crafts to increase the characteristics of the tag. Commonly used techniques include: laminating, uv, bronzing, bumping, embossing, anti-counterfeiting, corns and so on. With the development of technology, new processes are increasingly used on the tag.

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Clothing tag die-cut shape: clothing tag is a variety of clothing hanging on the brand, including some long strips, folded, round, triangular, pocket-type and other special shapes, really colorful, dazzling.

Clothing tag size: clothing tag size has no fixed standard, different clothing has different sizes, generally men's clothing is relatively large, women's clothing and children's clothing small points, the tag length is generally not more than 20cm.


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