Garment Weaving Mark Gradually To High-end Development

In recent years, the apparel textile mark order volume has been rising, the enterprise profit grows rapidly. Garment weaving mark manufacturers generally said that, compared with ordinary woven mark, high-end weaving mark more market. With the change of market demand, all kinds of garment weaving mark is becoming the protagonist from the supporting part of the garment, which becomes the important component of the competition and the key chip of the brand value.

Although the sale of garment weaving marks, from the surface it is some humble business. However, a simple round lock, one-metre narrow lace gross margin of more than 30%, even more than some of the listed company's gross margin is higher. Weaving mark factory production of products mainly export-oriented, Asian countries, the demand for large buyers, orders are more. Compared to ordinary weaving mark, high-end weaving mark more market, with the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, people's living standards continue to improve, the pursuit of high-end environmentally friendly products become a trend. The entire clothing weaving mark industry each month to the high-end weaving mark the demand is about 100 tons, for the clothing weaving mark industry is indeed a very big worth us to excavate the market demand.