Honored To Participate 2018 Italy-China SMF Trade And Investment Forum

On the 21st of this month, Qingdao Phaeton Packaging had the privilege of participating in the “2018 Italy-China SMF Trade and Investment Forum” jointly organized by the Bank of China and Qingdao Municipality, which brought the frontline of the Italian Wanli Marriage between Qingdao and the Yaping Peninsula on the Shandong Peninsula into a reality.


The Matchmaking Fair attracted nearly 50 Italian companies and more than 200 domestic companies attended the event. The total number of participants was more than 1,000. Under the support of the BOC Global Cross-Border Matching Service Platform, the Matchmaking Symposium focused on a number of hot topics such as clean energy, healthcare, and machinery manufacturing. A total of more than 400 "one-on-one" matchmaking talks were organized on the same day. Butting intention. After the meeting, Bank of China organized field trips for our company and other interested merchants to provide all-round, full-process support for financial product support and achieve “one-stop” services.