How To Remove Self-adhesive

1. First will be affixed to the glass or the surface of the product of the sticker tear off, use warm water (hot winter) to wet the towel, in the self-adhesive traces of repeated wipe two times, and then use a temperature and humidity towel soap, in the traces of repeated wipe several times, and finally with a clean and warm towel to wipe the soap foam.

2. Use the Pauli adhesive remover.

This product is the use of imported raw materials and special formulations made of professional adhesive removal agent, with strong glue function, can be affixed to the car window or body, paint surface, marble surface, such as stickers, such as self-adhesive tear off, but also can be removed after the residue of the paste will be easy to remove the material, and will not damage the sprayed surface, with fresh fragrance , gently spray, you can achieve the desired effect.