Ninghua Awarded Fujian Base Of China Printing Museum

Recently, the state press and publication of the SARFT approved, agreed to set up by the Ninghua, Liancheng, Jianyang jointly composed of "China Printing Museum, Fujian printing culture protection base", which is the first name of the National printing culture protection base, the first national press publishing industry public welfare business base.

Movable type is one of the four great inventions in ancient China, and in the 2010, "Chinese wooden Movable type" was listed as "The Intangible Cultural heritage List of urgent need of protection" in the United Nations. Ninghua County is one of the two places in China that have been found to be retained and continue to use wood-type printing. Ninghua wood Movable type has a history of more than 700 years and is included in the third batch of municipal intangible cultural Heritage lists by the Sanming government. At present, Ninghua storage of wood type up to nearly 400,000 pieces.

The construction of "China Printing Museum Fujian printing culture Protection Base" is helpful to protect, research, develop and use the ancient printing cultural relics of the county, and play its role in promoting Chinese culture, disseminating Chinese civilization and strengthening foreign cultural exchanges.