Notice Of The Color Of The Label Printing Design

First of all, the printing color design before a lot of process, probably including paper moisture treatment, ink development, lubricant configuration and so on, these processes are very important and can not be ignored. Sometimes the paper because the water content is uneven will cause in the printing process electrostatic phenomenon, so the process must be very careful before. Printing process is the most taboo is the occurrence of electrostatic phenomenon, otherwise unpredictable consequences will occur.

Second, before the completion of the work can start loading plate test printing, the first step can be processed after the test printing, loading and other processes. At the same time in the boot, we must adjust to all aspects, such as inking device, printing pressure, water conveyance and so on structure. Only by adjusting these structures can high quality work products emerge. Sometimes many companies will find that the printed text is not clear, or improper location, and so on, are these institutions did not debug good results.