What If You Want A Better Quality Tag But Not Enough Budget?

The tag is usually for the clothing or textile industry. In the process of purchasing the clothing tag, many businesses use a lot of money, but what should be done when the budget is not sufficient? It is necessary to shop around.

When selecting a garment tag printing factory, the quality and unit price are compared before deciding which factory to cooperate with. Today, Phaeton Packaging will share some small details for everyone. When the budget is low, there is no need to entanglement with how to choose the tag.


First of all, we must confirm which kind of tag the product needs to match, whether it is a high-grade tag or an ordinary color tag. If you need a high-end tag, then there are more choices that can be added in the tag design and printing. Whether upgrading from the process or upgrading the grade of the product, the simple approach is to replace the paper card with a PVC card. Tag factory will generally recommend the production direction according to the budget, but what if the budget is not enough to make a high quality tag?

1. It is possible to reduce the number of tags that are only used as a quantity. If you pay great attention to quality, this is a way to save your budget in addition to the overall quality.

2. It is possible to reduce the number of processes used on the tag, although the use of some processes on the tag is indispensable, but it is actually insufficient to reduce the process.

3. The choice of material can be selected in the direction of the lower limit, the paper card is also divided into layers, the choice of relatively low strength, the outer paper is also a good choice.

The above is the advice given by Phaeton Packaging for businesses that do not have sufficient budget, and the methods are always more difficult than that. There are many small knowledge in this area. For details, please contact us. It is our pleasure to help you.