What Is The Mark Cloth Of Washing Mark Printing?

1, washing mark printing marks the label includes a very wide range of cloth labels are called cloth, cloth widely used in clothing, toys, bedding, home textiles, bags, handbags, furniture, electronic products and other industries.

2. The commonly used materials for printing marks of washing marks are: Ribbon (economical, can achieve the best washing effect), tape (tape is also called plant coated cloth, surface table slippery, so the best printing effect, but less than ribbon washable), Cotton Belt (natural environmental protection), polyester belt (fabric smooth, good printing effect, washable)

3, washing mark printing marks the biggest feature is the printing of beautiful logo design, washable, clothing industry is the need to label the most, have the main mark, washing mark, ingredient mark, size mark, followed by plush toys, bedding, home textiles, etc. these are in the use of the process needs to be washed, so the general use of cloth label.

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