Gift Box

Gift Box

  • Folding Gift Boxes
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    Folding Gift Boxes

    Item: Folding Gift Boxes. Folding gift box is one kind of gift box. Folding gift box can be folded during storage and transportation, which greatly reduces the volume of the gift box and facilitates transportation and storage. When you need to install the product, folding gift box can be...Read More
  • Printed Corrugated Package Box
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    Printed Corrugated Package Box

    Corrugated packaging boxes are boxes that are woven or affixed with corrugated paper. Their main function is to pack the items and then transport them. It has a high mechanical strength and can withstand collisions and falls during handling.Read More
  • Printed Clear Window Box
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    Printed Clear Window Box

    The box with a PVC or PET clear window, help you display your product more perfectly. There have a glossy or matte effect can be chosen after printing. Any window shapes you could choose, in square shape, rectangular shape, round shape or other custom shapes.Read More
  • Paper Packaging Boxes
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    Paper Packaging Boxes

    Item: Paper packaging boxes. Paper box packaging is largely based on its exquisite shape and decoration to promote and beautify products, to enhance the competitiveness of the products.Read More
  • Christmas Gift Boxes
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    Christmas Gift Boxes

    Item: Christmas gift boxes. Christmas gift boxes can be printed with various Christmas-related patterns and designs according to customers’ requirements. Christmas gift boxes also embody the Christmas atmosphere while packaging gifts.Read More
  • Custom Drawer Packaging Boxes
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    Custom Drawer Packaging Boxes

    Item: Custom Drawer packaging boxes. Drawer packaging box is ideal for gift packaging, tea packaging, jewelry packaging, watch packaging and electronics packaging.Read More
  • Folding Gift Packing Paper Boxes
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    Folding Gift Packing Paper Boxes

    The packaging folding paper box is a widely used green packaging container, which has low processing cost, convenient storage and transportation, and is suitable for various printing methods, and the folding carton is suitable for automatic packaging, convenient for sale and display, and has...Read More
  • Custom paper decorative solid presentation gift packaging box
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    Custom paper decorative solid presentation gift packaging box

    Gift box, also called present box or presentation box, it is not only a paper packaging box, but also be helpful for an advertisement promotion for product selling.Read More
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