Printed Corrugated Package Box

Corrugated packaging boxes are boxes that are woven or affixed with corrugated paper. Their main function is to pack the items and then transport them. It has a high mechanical strength and can withstand collisions and falls during handling.
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Item: Printed Corrugated Package Box

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The corrugated box is made of corrugated cardboard, which is a multi-layered bond consisting of a layer of wavy core paper sandwich ("pit sheet" or "corrugated core paper") and a layer of cardboard (kraft card). 

Corrugated package boxes are a wide range of packaging products, and the amount has always been the first of all kinds of packaging products. It is lightweight, strong, vibration-damping and suitable for mechanized production. It has been used in transportation packaging and sales packaging for many years. Corrugated boxes have won the market with their exquisite appearance and excellent quality.

In addition to protecting goods, facilitating warehousing and transportation, it also serves to beautify goods and promote goods. The printed corrugated package box has the advantages of recycling and recycling, which is beneficial to the environment, facilitates loading and unloading, and is conducive to saving wood.

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Customized Service

                                                 Printed Corrugated Package Box
Inner materialCorrugated board
Corrugated TypeA, C, B, E, F, AB, BC, BE etc, with 3 layers, 5 layers and 7 layers and custom availabel
Paper (Paste)double copper paper, coated paper, special paper, kraft paper, black cardboard, ect.
Size&PrintedOn-demand custom, free desig
Surface FinishEmbossing, Glossy film, Matt film, Stamping, UV coating, Varnishing and customized available
AdditationEVA inner support, plastic inner support, paper support, flannel, satin, etc.
MOQ 500 pcs  (The more the quantity, the lower the price)


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